Thank you so much for visiting our site! We realize that the reasons why people visit church websites are very different from person to person.

You might be here because you are...

- wanting to learn more about Jesus and the Gospel

- a new follower of Christ and wanting to grow

- new to the area and looking for a church to visit

- looking for a church to join and serve in

- someone who simply stumbled across our website


Whatever the reason may be, this is where you should start. Below you will find out who we are, how we began, and what we believe as Faith Baptist Church. Along with those things, you will meet our staff, find out where we are located, when we meet, and what you can expect before you visit (and we hope that you do!).



Even before we meet you in person, our desire for you is that you might know the love and forgiveness of God through Jesus Christ, that you might grow in the love and knowledge of God, and that you would live a life of humble submission and passionate pursuit of God's mission and glory. We want what God wants for your life, and we would love to be a part of what God is doing in and through you.

We realize how difficult it can be to find the church God would have you to be a part of, and how it can often be an uncomfortable and fearful experience to visit a church for the first time. This is where we want to help.

Below are a few commonly asked questions that we want to answer for you, so that you can know what to expect from your experience at Faith Baptist Church.




His Story. Your Story. Our Story.

Faith is Family.

These statements represent who we are as Faith Baptist Church. Our story is that we are a group of people whose stories have been radically changed by God's story---the story of God's redemption through Jesus Christ. Because of the Gospel, we are now a family---which means we celebrate, mourn, struggle, and work together as one body. God, through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, has redeemed us and joined us together as His church to grow in the love and knowledge of Him, so that we might make His Gospel known---all for His glory. So, you may be did all of this begin? How did Faith Baptist Church become what it is today? Here is our story.